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Generally there is a $100.00 consultation fee for the first visit in matters other than Personal Injury and Worker’s Comp.  If the Pyatt Law Firm is retained, this amount will be credited against any retainer.  All fees, i.e., retainer, hourly rate and costs will be discussed if you decide to hire the Pyatt Law Firm.

Criminal Law:

Fees and payment schedule will be mutually agreed upon.  The fee will depend upon the complexities of the case as well as the legal and factual issues involved.  Other factors such as use of experts and length of trial will also be considered.

Personal Injury and Worker’s Compensation:

The fee ranges from 33 1/3 percent to 50 percent.  If there is no recovery, there is no fee.


Every case has costs involved.  Costs are the responsibility of the client even though they may be advanced by the Pyatt Law Firm.  These may be different in each case.  Some of the costs may include a filing fee, service of process fee, deposition costs, expert witness fees, long distance telephone calls, copying and postage.  In other types of cases, there may be costs for medical reports, records, accident reports as well as those set forth above.

Note:  Members of S.C. Education Association (SCEA) receive consultations at no cost.